9th Annual KMSC Law Golf Event

Non-Profit Organization
Application Registration Form

KMSC Law Golf Event 2017

18 local non-profit organizations will have an opportunity to showcase their community efforts at our 2018 Event.

The Event provides each participating non-profit organization with an opportunity to network with guests before and during the Event, to interact with golfers, and to raise funds for your group through an activity of your choice.

We ask for your commitment:

  1. to participate in Event publicity, to recognize the Event in your own public materials, and to provide electronic copies of photographs and/or video that may be used in promoting the Event;
  2. to provide at least two adult volunteers and at least one auction item (worth at least $100.00) at each Event program;
  3. to sell four Event Passports;
  4. to provide written confirmation of all funds raised as a result of the Event before the Golfer’s Banquet on the Golf Event day.

Application Deadline:

10:00 a.m. on November 17th, 2017

For more information please contact:

Tim Bayly or Gareth Pugh
Office: 780.532.7771

Have your Charitable Organization apply for one of the 18 available spots – please complete the online form below:

Alternatively, download and fill out this PDF , and email it to [email protected].

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