Insurance Disputes


People pay for insurance on the premise that they will receive their full entitlements should they need to make a claim. Unfortunately, the law of insurance is often difficult to understand, and the policy descriptions given to you by insurers can be vague, or even misleading.

When it comes to actually making a claim with an insurer, you may find that you are declined, or are offered less than what you are entitled to according to your insurance policy. This is extremely frustrating. You have paid your premiums for this very reason, and now you are being refused an amount that you deserve. Insurance disputes arise as a result of this.

Many people do not know that they are able to dispute their insurance company’s attempts to underpay them, if they feel they have been unfairly declined for a claim, or have been offered less than their policy should allow. At KMSC Law,  we specialize in helping you to gain an advantage and make a case for dispute against the unfair actions of your insurance company.

Examples Of Insurance Disputes

Insurance disputes can be made in any case that you feel an insurance company is attempting to underpay you, or is declining your claim even when you are entitled to make it. We have seen many examples of insurance disputes in Alberta, including denied payments or underpayments of:

  • Serious injuries
  • House, fire, and flood
  • Life insurance disputes
  • Travel insurance
  • Medical benefits disputes
  • Many more

Seek Professional Help For Insurance Disputes

Insurance companies often try to underpay, or refuse to pay benefits to those who are entitled to them, and often people do not try to challenge this.  The law and procedures surrounding insurance disputes can also be complicated, preventing people from knowing what rights they really have, and how much compensation they can really claim.

KMSC Law is a personal injury law firm in Alberta, who operate in the Peace Region to provide expert advice and services to those who need them. We can obtain all of the information you need, and help you to understand the coverage that your insurance policy affords you, before following up with an insurance dispute that will earn you the compensation that you really deserve, and that your insurance policy really allows.

KMSC Law can help you obtain the maximum recovery for your injuries and claims. We take legal action on your behalf, and take care of all aspects of your insurance disputes, from start to finish.